The right battery is essential in unlocking the full potential of any commercial mining vehicle. Through minimising any premature electrical storage failures a high-quality, long-lasting battery maximises your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Modern battery technologies require a higher investment than conventional batteries, but they reduce breakdowns and enable the use of fuel-saving technologies. They also support a longer battery life cycle. Because of this, the subsequent costs and potential savings need to be considered in the purchase decision.

With the launch of the VARTA ProMotive range of premium commercial batteries, Clarios has restructured its range of heavy-duty batteries for the mining industry. VARTA ProMotive AGM and VARTA ProMotive EFB are the ideal batteries for commercial vehicles with extensive equipment and high power consumption found in modern mining vehicles.

VARTA Promotive range of batteries can help your business achieve optimum TCO while avoiding breakdown costs through its unrivalled features:

  • Superior acid circulation for a longer cycle life: The unique acid circulator is a VARTA benchmark technology that guarantees better acid circulation and keeps charge acceptance ant highest levels.
  • Energy anywhere: VARTA Promotive will reliably power all electric devices and equipment on-board even when the vehicle stands still, providing advanced hoteling function. Back on the road, it’s fully recharged.
  • EFB enhanced flooded technology for extra reliability: VARTA enhanced flooded battery technology with consistently high performance for highest heavy commercial requirements.
  • Reliable starting power, fast recharge and corrosion resistance: a unique feature of the VARTA AGM battery is the PowerFrame® design which uses the PowerFrame grid on both the positive and negative plates optimised for maximum performance that ensures excellent starting characteristics even with low charge levels.
  • Made in Germany: Assembled to highest European standards for best in class manufacturing quality.
  • Highest charge acceptance for an extended cycle life. Extended cycle life compared with a conventional battery.

Discover the right solution with the VARTA Battery Finder

The Battery Finder makes it easy for customers to find the right battery for their particular application. Taking retrofitted consumers into account, VARTA® explains and recommends the right battery technology for maximum performance and TCO savings depending on the individual customer input.

TCO calculator pinpoints saving potentials

The new VARTA® Partner Portal for commercial vehicles also provides a TCO calculator. After using the Battery Finder customers can enter their relevant data and then receive tailor-made recommendations. The TCO calculator provides concrete facts about potential savings with selection of the right battery technology on the basis of customers’ individual requirements. Through technical background information, dedicated maintenance recommendations to maintain batteries and easy access to the knowledge section, registered users can become experts in conventional and advanced battery technologies.

Premium Solutions and Superior Performance

With history going back more than 125 years, VARTA® is part of Clarios, a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions.

Innovative commercial battery solutions

VARTA® batteries are expertly engineered to emit up to 20% fewer emissions than standard commercial batteries. Thus, VARTA® commercial batteries are ideal for those seeking advanced fuel-saving innovations and reliable energy storage solutions within the mining sector.

Unrivalled technology

VARTA® batteries deliver a premium experience, with the use of precision technologies and exceptional production facilities reflected in every aspect of the final product.

Powering you into the future

We’re constantly striving towards improvement, operating at the frontier of market innovation. Paving the future of energy storage technology, our team deliver highly specialised commercial battery solutions you can rely on now and in the years to come.