Our Extreme Duty TPMS solution is designed to relieve the headache of fleet management by helping you determine which vehicles in your fleet are at risk of a blowout or flat – long before any incidence occurs. As most fleet managers already know, an unexpected problem can disrupt your operating schedule, which ultimately costs you both valuable time and money.

The best way to avoid this problem is with a complete TPMS solution that is geared towards extreme-duty vehicles and the stress they undergo on a daily basis. Extreme duty vehicles require a different type of tire sensor than a traditional TPMS system, as they are typically used in much harsher and more demanding environments than a regular work vehicle. It’s because of this specific demand that Valor has focused on engineering a high-quality, magnetically mounted sensor, designed from the chip-up to withstand the abrasive and rough environments both inside and outside of your tires.

The purpose of an extreme duty TPMS system is to provide both the vehicle operator and the fleet manager with accurate and useful data through the use of tire sensors. This data helps fleet managers understand exactly when and where their tires are developing issues, which in turn allows them to make smarter business decisions – such as eliminating potential problems at the source before they cause any negative repercussions. This data also allows vehicle operators to better understand their vehicle, by providing them with the knowledge of whether or not their vehicle is operating within a safe and efficient capacity at any given time.

In short, an Extreme Duty TPMS solution helps to increase your knowledge by giving you a better understanding of your fleet. This data helps raise awareness for common tire pressure and temperature problems and helps you create solutions before these issues have any impact on your business. This allows for smarter decisions to be made both in regards to your vehicles as well as your company on a whole.

To learn more about how our extreme-duty TPMS solution can benefit your fleet, download our brochure below.