tough steel bearings

Typical bearing failures: Most bearings don’t reach their full L10 calculated life. NSK’s Tough Steel family of bearings addresses the root causes of over 80% of bearing failures seen in their failure analysis labs: marginal lubrication and contamination.

NSK material research and development

NSK’s concept of long life in contaminated environments is unique in the bearing industry. NSK’s research has enabled it to be the first to recognize the relationship between the retained austenite and rolling fatigue life in contaminated environments.

Applicable environments:

  • Contamination
  • Marginal lubrication
  • Clean conditions

Applicable Industries:

  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Steel mills
  • Paper mills
  • Wind turbines
  • Other heavy industries

Properties of steel specification and innovative heat treatment:

  • Higher level of retained austenite
    – Increased toughness = Lower stress concentration around dents
  • Large number of fine carbides and carbo-nitrides
    – Higher hardness = Longer life in contamination
    – High wear-resistance
    – High seizure resistance
    – Better than through hardened and traditional case carburized materials