Discover the advanced features embedded in Westpro’s thickeners, showcasing innovative hydraulic drives, spacious feedwells, and high-efficiency rakes designed for exceptional solids settling performance. Engineered for durability, our thickeners excel even in demanding high-torque scenarios.

Key Advantages:

• Versatile tank construction options
• High-capacity, low-drag rake systems
• Tailored, high-performance feed well designs for optimized solids settling
• Choices available for flocculant contactors and auto-dilution systems
• Next-generation hydraulic drive with exceptional torque capabilities
• Integrated rake lift drive base with robust hydraulic cylinders
• Single hydraulic power unit to operate both drive and rake lift
• Automatic rake lift system with torque alarm pressure switch
• Local control panel and PLC for easy management

Westpro has different types of thickener designs:

• High Capacity/High Rate
• Conventional
• High-Density Underflow (HDU)
• Wastewater treatment


Explore Westpro’s top-tier clarifiers, delivering proven water purification results across the Mining, Aggregate, and Wastewater industries. Each clarifier is meticulously custom-built to meet unique process requirements precisely.

Key Advantages:

• Variable Speed, including forward and reverse options
• Multiple tank construction options
• Custom designed High capacity feed systems
• Advanced feedwell designs to enhance material settling performance
• Low drag, high capacity rake system
• High Torque Drive
• Torque Alarms
• Hydraulic or Electric Drive Systems
• Local Control System Fully Programmable