Higher performance brings greater productivity

The new Sandvik RH460 hammer takes DTH drilling to higher levels. It has been developed for superior productivity in variable ground conditions. Higher impact energy is achieved at lower air consumption, maximising productivity and lowering costs. RH460 hammers are available with industry standard shanks for greater product flexibility.

Design and development of the RH460 hammer line

The main focus in the new design and development process has been to:

  • Decrease air consumption to reduce fuel costs
  • Increase power level for higher productivity
  • Optimise lubrication capabilities to increase piston and hammer life
  • Improve piston bearing design to reduce failures due to galling

The design of the RH460 hammer makes it easy to service and offers a good balance between cost
and performance. The V-lock mount system ensures reliability and eliminates the need for wear shims and special assembly tools. The piston design is optimised with oil grooves in the guide surface
to ensure constant and consistent lubrication with dynamic sealing properties.

The result, high performance and cost effective hammer for use in almost all ground conditions.


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