The TetraFlex® Group Bridge enables you to perform group calls between any independent TETRA or analogue networks, creating valuable interoperability between many different systems.

Total communications flexibility

TetraFlex® Group Bridge is a highly flexible solution. It can be used to perform group calls and SDS messages between independent networks, from one TetraFlex® network to any other TETRA network, or even from TETRA to analogue networks.

Bringing clarity to complex situations

The TetraFlex® Group Bridge solution is suitable for creating any cross-organisational communication between organisations that are normally organised on different networks. Typical examples include group calls between military, police and other emergency units, or even between local, regional or national networks during catastrophes and other mission-critical operations.

With the TetraFlex® Group Bridge, you can also connect portable TetraFlex® solutions in remote locations to the main network, or extend your main network with indoor coverage. The TetraFlex® Group Bridge also gives an advantage in supporting features for soft migration from analogue to digital TETRA networks.

In short, the TetraFlex® Group Bridge can support any communications interoperability challenge you set it.

Complete interoperability and ease of use

One TetraFlex® Group Bridge can support up to 32 Bridges, made up of as many as four different TETRA or analogue networks in any combination for each group. The TetraFlex® Group Bridge comes with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface, delivered as a software application, which can be installed on a Windows computer.

Cost-effective and versatile

The ability to connect directly to the TetraFlex® network makes TetraFlex® Group Bridge a very cost-effective solution. Each TetraFlex® node is capable of connecting up to 200 TetraFlex® Group Bridge applications. The TetraFlex® Group Bridge uses a TETRA mobile radio unit to connect to any other TETRA network, and can connect to an analogue network through an analogue mobile radio unit.