Tektoseal Clay RM solves the challenges of sealing red sludge basins in bauxite refineries worldwide. Due to the high pH value and the high electrical conductivity, bauxite residues place considerable demands on the sealing properties of bentonite. The sealing layer integrated into Tektoseal Clay RM consists of a tailor-made mixture of various sodium bentonites without any polymer additives. This eliminates concerns about product life caused by polymer loss due to wash-out and polymer degradation over time.

Benefits and most common configurations

The installation of Tektoseal Clay RM ensures the long-term barrier performance required for all red mud containment applications. The product benefits are, that it functions as a long-term barrier with high chemical resistance with a strongly swelling sodium bentonite mixture without polymer loss. It has a self-healing effect against mechanical damage and we’ll do tailor-made product configuration for on-site requirements. Installation options according to local regulations and conditions. Tektoseal Clay RM can be installed individually, quickly and safely in a geosynthetic barrier system. Two of the most common installation configurations are a basic barrier system (Tektoseal Clay RM, Geomembrane, Nonwoven) and a barrier system including leakage detection (geomembrane, cuspated drainage element, Tektoseal Clay RM, geomembrane, nonwoven, Incomat concrete mattress).

Scientifically proven performance

The performance of Tektoseal Clay RM has been tested and scientifically validated at the University of Virginia by the research team under Prof. Craig Benson. For more details please have a look at the brochure.

Technical details:

  • Material: PP (nonwoven / woven) / project specific sodium bentonite granulate mixture
  • Bentonite content: Up to 7 kg/m²
  • Hydraulic conductivity: 1.9 x 10-11 m/s
  • Function: Sealing