Many mines across the globe are in operation 24/7 to meet continually rising demand and tight work schedules.

This puts a lot of reliance and pressure onto the vehicles and machines needed to ensure continual operations – right from the smallest forklifts, through to the largest mining machinery such as dump trucks or blasthole drills.

Often in continuous operation for long periods of time, in harsh and challenging environments, mining vehicles are prone to overheating, as a result of prolonged vibration and dust build-up, which influences overall fire risk. Addressing this risk – and the fire risk it presents – is critical to ensuring mining safety and protecting workers, valuable assets and the surrounding environment.

Understanding the mining consequences…

Inevitably, different vehicles and machinery carry different levels of risk. However, the consequences of any vehicle fire at a mining site can be extensive.

If not detected and suppressed quickly, a heavy-duty vehicle fire on a mining site can cause extensive damage to valuable equipment – both the vehicle itself and surrounding assets –  as well as prolonged periods of operational downtime, as machines can take many months to repair or replace.

For underground mines, fires can also lead to geological instabilities in the workplace, further extending the necessary period of downtime while repairs take place.

Dafo Vehicle’s SV-K system – tackling mining vehicle fire risks effectively

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has developed the SV-K; the most reliable and effective fire suppression system for heavy-duty mobile equipment, designed to withstand demanding conditions and challenging work environments to ensure safe mining operations.

The SV-K system consists of four integrated elements:

  • Detection – consisting of a linear heat detector wire with a fixed temperature sensor.
  • Alarm – triggered when the activation temperature of 180°C is reached, sounding an alarm horn and light signal.
  • Suppression – using Dafo’s Forrex suppression agent (non-corrosive, environmentally friendly), which pushes away the oxygen source to cool the overheated engine components and prevent re-ignition.
  • Control – consisting of a real-time clock and event log, so operators can access historical data to analyse previous events.

Each of these elements works together in a fast and efficient way to suppress fires quickly and effectively.

A flexible protection solution

Dafo’s SV-K is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and can be scaled to suit different applications, from protecting the smallest forklift truck to the largest mining machinery, with the agent tank ranging from 5 to 25 litres. The system can be installed horizontally or upright depending on the application.

Depending on customer or regulatory requirements, the SV-K system can be activated either manually or automatically.

Quality control

To ensure Dafo’s SV-K system is fit for purpose in even the most challenging environments, it is thoroughly tested for fire performance and environmental durability, undergoing tests for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes.

To find out more about how Dafo Vehicle’s SV-K can help to protect your mining operations, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum safety, visit Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection via the company profile