• A high elastic modulus (low stretch) steel sling for mine rescue and machine towing.
  • Manufactured in a range of sizes with “A” and “B” strop thimbles. The “B” thimble is designed for engagement onto the ripper of a bulldozer and the “A” thimble fits into the towing clevis of dump truck/mining vehicle. Both “A” and “B” fittings will accept bow shackles for connecting to alternative devices.
  • Provides a strong yet flexible cable for rescuing heavy vehicles.
  • Specially designed to engage directly onto the ripper blade of a bulldozer without damage.
  • Flexible and easy to handle and store.
  • Superflex Cable has a high elastic modulus and so stores less energy under load than comparable fibre slings.
  • Ranging in sizes from 68.0 tonnes up to 300.0 tonnes.