AusProof’s small and reliable Ex-certified Stainless Steel Low Voltage Restrained Range is suitable for use in mining, tunnelling, and commercial applications, including Group 1 hazardous environments. Plugs and receptacles available within this product variety are categorised as PES (Plug Extra Small), PS (Plug Small), and PL (Plug Large). In more detail:

  • PES plugs and receptacles are rated to 60 and 90 amps, with current carrying capacities including 660 volts and 1,100 volts;
  • PS plugs and receptacles are rated to 150 amps, with current carrying capacities including 660 volts and 1,100 volts; and
  • PL plugs and receptacles are rated to 300 amps and 425 amps, are available in 4 pin and 6 pin configurations, with current carrying capacities including 660V volts 1,100 volts, and 3,300 volts.

The initial launch of AusProof’s PES plugs and receptacles was delayed in order to offer the mining industry something extra, a unique feature new to the Australian market at the time: a 60 amp plug and receptacle range designed to withstand up to a massive 90 amps, for when 60 amps isn’t enough, all while maintaining 100% compatibility with the 60 amps range. Plugs from this range are ideal for the pumping market, as they can be fitted to pump cables of all types, up to 25sq mm. This amp rating flexibility allows for larger pumps to be installed in non-Ex operations without upgrading to a larger system.

AusProof places customer safety as one of its highest priorities. All products in the Stainless Steel Low Voltage Restrained Range have been designed to prevent hot joints through single piece contacts. Plugs within this restrained range that sustain damage to their flameproof paths can also be repaired on-site, even underground, without the need for off-site repairs or plug replacement. For the PS and PL range, just slip off and replace the flameproof body casting. For the PES range, simply replace the inner barrel.

AusProof’s PS and PL receptacles have additional features available that include a Back-to-Back (B2B) receptacle and the Receptacle and Gland Bracket (RGB). The PS and PL receptacles are also available in either the Jack-In (Screw) Release or Quick Release option, with AusProof’s Quick Release option, used extensively throughout the coal mining and metalliferous industries, featuring an ergonomically designed ratchet-style handle for ease of use.

Other features of the Stainless Steel Low Voltage Restrained Range include:

  • Easy flameproof repair
  • One solid body and solid stainless steel internal cage
  • Single piece contacts
  • Easy termination
  • Solid earth connectivity throughout the product
  • Phase to earth segregation

To get in touch with your local state sales representative for more information and pricing details, AusProof’s contact details can be found on their profile. Further information on these products, as well as access to downloadable technical manuals, test certifications and product dimensions for the PES, PS and PL product ranges, can be accessed on the AusProof website.