In the KOS series, the intake (for connection of the delivery line) and the delivery cylinders are connected by an S-transfer tube. This enables a free flowing conveyance of the material without the use of valves. Foreign bodies up to two thirds of the size of the discharge outlet can be conveyed without any issue.

The KOS pump is particularly suitable for conveying highly viscous sludges, and other material with a high proportion of extraneous material. The main fields of application of the KOS are with materials which present the most extreme requirements, such as dewatered sludges containing solids, oil sludges, high-viscosity solids and so on.

For extreme applications, a wide range of task-specific components and functions are available from Putzmeister. The pump’s simple design and the low amount of wear parts offers a very robust, low-maintenance pump with low operating costs.

The pump unit consists of a sturdy pump hopper for reliable feeding of material, two hardened delivery cylinders with one piston each and a so-called S-transfer-tube for connection of the delivery cylinders to the output flange. The changeover of the S-tube is done by two powerful plunger cylinders. Consequently, foreign bodies such as stones or dry running are no problem. Additionally, the S- Tube is adjustable to wear in order to use the wear parts extremely long.

Two hydraulic cylinders are used as drives for the delivery cylinders. An intermediate waterbox enables flushing and cooling of the cylinders as well as quick replacement of the pistons in case of maintenance. All moving parts are connected to a central grease lubrication (either manual or electrical) system in order to increase their lifetime.

The main field of application is for materials with most extreme requirements:

  • Cemented backfill material of the mining industry
  • Tailings from the mining industry
  • Fly and bottom ash from power stations
  • Stiff dredging material from harbours and rivers
  • Highly dewatered sewage sludges
  • Sewage sludges with percentages of foreign bodies, for example when handling external sludges
  • Muck out of the tunnel
  • Oil sludges with percentages of foreign bodies
  • Bio waste and other waste
  • Chemical and organic high density solids with highest viscosity

Economical fly and bottom-ash transport with KOS pumps

By using the KOS pumps, a mixture of both fly and bottom ashes can be transported successfully without operational disturbances. Due to the fact that the KOS has no valve between the inlet and outlet of the pump, even coarse particles can pass the pump without stopping the process.

High dry solid contents can be handled and water content can be reduced to a minimum. Due to the low water content the lifetime of the disposing area can be extended or a smaller disposing area can be designed. The amount of contaminated water can be reduced to a minimum.

The decades of experience in concrete pumping ensure highest reliability and availability to the pump operator. Valve discs and valve seats are made of highly wear-resistant steel and ensure a long lifetime and reliable operation.