SoilTain Protect can be used wherever geomembranes need to be protected from damage, e.g. by UV radiation etc. SoilTain Protect is an innovative geotextile containment system manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art weaving technology, which provides a tubular system interconnected into a singular geosynthetic mattress configuration which can be filled with on-site sludge waste products. The ultimate HUESKER geomembrane protection reduces construction time, risk, operational cost and contributes to the economic, environmental and social sustainability of containment systems.

The better alternative to traditional ballast layers

The construction of traditional ballast layers requires large amounts of construction site traffic.

The fact that up to 80% of all primary barrier damage occurs during the installation of covers on geomembranes is well known. The installation of SoilTain Protect eliminates the need for heavy construction machinery driven over the primary geomembranes / the cover and therefore the greatest risk of damaging the sealing system. You‘ll need fewer construction site vehicles and have less traffic on the site. You achieve an improvement in liner integrity. You can also increase storage space by utilizing on-site waste (e.g. tailings, coal, ash) within the liner. In general, you can reduce capital expenditure and make investments in environmental protection safe and efficient.

Technical details:

  • Material: PP
  • Types: With and without nonwoven for UV-protection
  • Function(s): Protection, Containment