The direct removal of waterlogged sediments and residues for example from mines, industrial plants, construction sites and sewage works are often cost-intensive and time-consuming. It is usually more economical to dewater the sludge directly before each disposal measure.

Especially in the mining sector, most operations generate mining residues. The large volumes of sludge which, depending on the constituents, may pose an environmental hazard.

HUESKER’s SoilTain dewatering tubes are he fast and cost-effective dewatering solution. They are suitable for many types of sludge. The tubes are made from a specially developed woven filter. 

Dewatering with SoilTain – the process

Step 1 – Extraction

In the first step, the sludge has to be removed. Sediments, for instance, can be extracted by a suction dredger. Other sludges may be continuously produced as a by-product.

Step 2 – Conditioning

Through the addition of a flocculating agent, the sludge is conditioned. This causes the particles in the water to agglomerate together into larger flakes, so-called flocs.

Step 3 – Dewatering

In the SoilTain tube, a steady removal of water from the sludge is ensured by the gravity drainage process. The specific opening size of the high-performance woven textile ensures retention of the solid fraction of the sludge while allowing the water to escape from the tube.

Step 4 – Disposal

Through the steady process of consolidation, the water content in the tubes decreases until it can be tipped, incinerated or otherwise used for a particular purpose.

Benefits of SoilTain Dewatering Tubes

In many situations the use of SoilTain Dewatering Tubes for dewatering applications offer immense benefits:

  • Fast and efficient dewatering of large volumes within a short time
  • Large quantities of sludge can be pumped into the dewatering tubes in a short time
  • Flexible filling capacity enabled by customized variation of tube size and tube number
  • Extremely high processing rates
  • Low resource consumption thanks to low energy, capital and labour
  • Sludge dewatering with SoilTain tubes are even in small areas possible, as they only require a low area
  • No interim storage needed
  • SoilTain dewatering tubes are easily stockable
  • Sludge encapsulation prevents rewetting
  • Tubes are also suitable for permanent containment