Diemme® Filtration high-rate sludge thickeners are the result of many years of experience in solid-liquid separation in a wide range of industries such as mining, chemical, metallurgical, water treatment and many others. Our commitment to Research & Development has allowed us to propose innovative solutions to optimise performance and reduce plant and operating costs.

Diemme® Filtration high-rate sludge thickeners achieve very high productivity and are designed to complement Diemme® Filtration filter presses.

The sludge thickeners can be produced in sizes up to and exceeding 40 m in diameter and “Bridge” or “Column” versions are available. Depending on project specifications, they can be made entirely of carbon steel, stainless steel (with or without a rubber lining) or with a concrete tank.

From a process point of view, the performance of the sludge thickener is dependent on the ability of the system to bind the solid particles to the flocculant. This occurs in the heart of the sludge thickener, represented by its feedwell. Inside the feedwell, the incoming current provides the necessary mixing energy for the solids to agglomerate to form flocs which then settle to the bottom of the tank. It is a complex design that requires the application of CFD modelling, which is included in the skillset of Diemme® Filtration technical staff.

The result is optimised flocculant consumption, high supernatant clarity and a constant density of thickened sludge.