CORALIS Environmental Health & Safety Management software helps mines and quarries personnel to meet their environmental, social and legal obligations concerning employees and communities’ health and safety using geo-referenced monitoring data.

Cartography Interface

All environmental data is positioned on the site’s map:

  • Measurement equipment to indicate dust fallout, atmospheric emissions, water quality, vibrations and noise levels
  • Protected or regulated areas, property limits, streams and other water bodies

Calendar with tasks and reminders

This application features a calendar for tasks management with reminders concerning measurement schedules, report deadlines, auditor visits, committee meetings, medical appointments and other environment, health and safety actions.

These reminders are displayed in red on the calendar. A simple click on a date will display a window listing all reminders and tasks to be completed.

Environmental Monitoring

CORALIS Environmental Health & Safety Management software saves target values, maximum threshold values and measured values for each regulated indicator below, as well as all documents, legal or otherwise, attached to this indicator. A green/yellow/red light indicator for each variable lets you evaluate priorities at a glance.

  • Dust fallout
  • Captured emissions
  • Noise levels
  • Vibrations (especially during blasting)
  • Surface water quality and quality of water discharged in natural habitats like overflow waters from setting basins, washing areas, hydrocarbon separators, etc
  • Drinking water quality (for employee use)
  • Groundwater quality measured by piezometers

Values can be displayed as reports or graphs and can be imported from and exported to MS Excel.

Health and Safety Management

CORALIS Environmental Health & Safety Management software saves data concerning each employee and equipment.

•  Employee health and safety:

  • Noise exposure measurements according to employees occupations
  • Dust and emissions exposure measurements according to employees occupations
  • Personnel monitoring: for each employee, medical appointments, dust and noise exposure, training, information sessions, etc.

•  Fixed equipment safety: list of equipment and procedures which require mandatory periodic controls and verifications:

  • Emergency interruption]
  • Hoisting and pressured equipment
  • Fire extinguishers and blasters
  • Weighting and access equipment
  • Electrical installations
  • Vehicle safety with mandatory periodic controls and verifications

Consumption and Waste

CORALIS Environmental Health & Safety Management software provides the means to measure different types of consumption if various site areas.

Consumption counters:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fuel
  • Waste generation measurements
  • Vehicles’ counters, including mileage, fuel and operation hours


Many reports can be generated from data collected in this application:

  • Environmental balance sheet
  • Environmental indicators
  • Safety indicators
  • Non-compliance report
  • Periodic actions list