Global Tenement Security Software (GTS) is an independent tenement management database system developed to protect mining tenure locally, nationally, and globally.

It represents true tenement compliance, offering a web-based platform for convenience where access to the system is immediate and universal. It is intuitive and easily adapts to the constant change in government regulations providing accurate, real-time data throughout the lifetime of tenements.

GTS provides an accurate record of financial and physical commitments while tracking compliance of reporting requirements. The system promotes consistency for prospectors and small companies to expand with a proven blueprint to manage their tenements.

GTS also serves as a planning tool, negating the use of multiple spreadsheets and impractical security measures, to allow continual improvement of tenure compliance making it a cost-effective way to professionally manage tenure in-house.

Add-on features including action alerts via SMS and managing user access is easily achieved through our user-friendly interface, empowering users to take control of all tenement requirements, applying own expertise, and institutional knowledge on tenement management to become more efficient.

Users can also dedicate time to fine-tune project areas and focus on the intended tenements that may be ready to pick-up.

Benefits of GTS include:

  • Providing confidence in tenure security
  • Reduced risk of fines
  • Guarantee no critical action dates are missed
  • Control of outstanding tasks
  • Assists providing due diligence report to sell project
  • Ensuring environmental actions are implemented
  • Less time defending matters in Wardens Court

As an extra security measure, GTS mainframe is stored on a server minimising unauthorised intrusion, the coding IP is also protected, and the disk is encrypted to protect against physical theft.