HPGRs and roller presses operate in challenging environments with virtually inevitable dirt ingress and bearing grease loss. A common maintenance practice for open bearings is to purge the bearings with grease – adding expenses, as well as health and safety risks for maintenance personnel. And what’s more, since these assets are crucial for production processes, any downtime can lead to costly manufacturing stops.

What if you could find a solution to keep lubrication in and contamination out?

Providing longer meantime between failures, sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings are a long-term investment for increased machine availability. Instead of stopping production for preventive maintenance of the bearing, the wear of the roller press roller becomes the limiting factor when doing service. The sealed bearings also reduce lubrication consumption by 95%, leading to a reduced environmental impact and costs. Together with the reduced maintenance needs, the result is increased worker safety, and, ultimately, a lower total cost of ownership.

Benefits proven in the field

  • 2x longer bearing service life increasing operational availability and cutting TCO
  • 95% reduced grease consumption, cutting costs and environmental footprint
  • 2x possible remanufacturing capability, extending bearing service life

The sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings offer doubled service life compared to open bearings. Additionally, they can be remanufactured – twice. And since large size bearings are challenging to mount and incorrect bearing fit on the shaft has proven to be another common cause of failure in large size bearings, we offer both on-site mounting services or specialized tools that facilitate installations.

The bearings can be sold as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a broader SKF Rotation Equipment Performance program, along with SKF greases, lubrication system, machine health, services, and remanufacturing.