Safety tools

EGA Master offers an increibly wide range of safety tools.

Non-spark tools are essential when working in areas where there is a risk for explosion. EGA Master offers the widest range of non-spark tools in Al-Bron and Cu-Be alloys. The company also offers tools made of Acetilex®, an alloy that allows work to be carried out in environments with acetylene gas.

For environments with high voltage EGA Master offers 1,000V tools to ensure the job is done while keeping workers safe and efficient. EGA Master insulated tools comply with IEC 60900 international standard, which requires each piece to be tested at 10,000V. EGA Master 1,000V tools are also tested rigorously according to the four tests the norm requires: adherence test, impact test, flame propagation test and dielectric penetration test.

EGA Master´s titanium tools on the other hand, enable workers to perform maintenance activities in environments with a magnetic field, without compromising their personal safety.

In order to help increase the safety awareness and knowledge, EGA Master offers safety tool training courses for management and users.