All number boards feature our replaceable display system.

Simply order a new display from us and repurpose your LED number boards.

Underground LED Number Boards 24v

  • 590mm L x 190mm H x 25mm W
  • 760mm L x 300mm H x 25mm W

Standard LED Number Boards 24v

  • Small 760mm L x 300mm H x 25mm W
  • Medium 680mm L x 450mm H x 35mm W
  • Large 840mm L x 540mm H x 35mm W

Haul Truck OEM Build LED Number Boards 24v

  • 1130mm L x 635mm H x 35mm W
  • 1470mm L x 835mm H x 35mm W

Customisable number boards can be manufactured to your exact specifications.