To maximize asset utilization in transitional climate zones, we created the TowHaul Interchangeable Road Conditioning Body and Maximum Volume Water Tank.

With this system, a single truck performs two essential tasks. For winter roads, install the Road Conditioning Body to spread sand/gravel for haul road traction.  For summer months, install the Maximum Volume Water Tank for efficient dust suppression.


  • Interchangeable with TowHaul Maximum Volume Water Tank
  • Effectively spreads 2 inches minus material up to a 50ft-wide path
  • Uses significantly less material compared to end-dumping with a haul truck
  • No support equipment like graders or dozers necessary
  • Operates at or near haul traffic speed
  • Fully rear-tipping
  • Optional heated body
  • Complete operator control from the cab, including spinner disk speed, chute opening and material vibrators


  • Interchangeable with TowHaul Road Conditioning body
  • Modular design for easier shipping and handling
  • Easy access for maintenance and clean-out
  • Full baffle system
  • Victaulic couplings
  • Complete operator control from the cab including: spray heads on/off, water level indicator and optional fire monitor