Heavy-metal-free synthetic oil provides extreme protection

Pyroshield Syn Hvy and XHvy open gear lubricants are heavy-duty synthetic fluids designed to provide outstanding protection for high-load, heavy-shock applications, such as large shrouded open gears used in the mining, mineral processing and cement industries. Pyroshield Syn open gear lubricants are non-asphaltic and environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals. Each lubricant features a synergistic mix of Almasol®, Lubrication Engineers’ exclusive wear-reducing additive, and a unique combination of extreme pressure additives.

Pyroshield’s advanced technology as solution for large shrouded open gears

Lubrication Engineers has developed Pyroshield Syn Hvy and XHvy open gear lubricants to meet the specific requirements for large shrouded open gears, and to address the common problems associated with traditional lubricants for these gears.