Open pit mines around the world have used ProVision® machine guidance systems to increase their total tons moved, improve the accuracy of material movement, and decrease costs associated with working outside of the mine plan for more than 20 years.

Machine Guidance for Loading Equipment

The ProVision system for loading equipment helps your operators increase productivity by leveraging high-precision GPS to actively guide operators to:

  • Dig the right material
  • Keep the designed bench grade
  • Respect dig limits
  • Work within the machine’s optimal operating specifications
  • Track true bucket movement in relation to ore boundaries, designed bench grades, material layers, and slopes
  • Stick to the mine plan

The system integrates with mine planning software, providing operators with real-time updates to ore boundaries for improved resource management. The on-board mobile device shows real-time track elevation against plan, helping to reduce bench grade rework and improve drilling performance on subsequent benches. Seamless integration with the DISPATCH system helps identify and prevent misdirected loads. The shared digital terrain model enables shared projects between any ProVision-equipped units—which is especially useful when dozers are working around loaders or shovels. Also, onboard proximity/hazard detection helps improve operator safety.

When it comes to improving operator efficiency, saving costs, and ensuring safety, every bucket counts. The ProVision system for loading equipment supports hydraulic shovels, cable shovels, backhoes, and loaders.

Machine Guidance for Dozers

The ProVision system for dozers streamlines the dozer work process by providing an information link between mine planning, mining operations, and dozer operators in the field. The system’s onboard mobile device actively guides track and wheel dozer operators to:

  • Keep the designed bench grade
  • Create ramps to plan
  • Work within the machine’s optimal operating specifications

The system uses high-precision GPS to continuously track the true movement of the dozer in relation to its final surface design, keep-out zones, and neighboring equipment.

Centralized planning and real-time feedback enable operators to work efficiently without flags, stakes, or other survey activities, reducing rework and eliminating survey costs. Multiple dozers can work on the same project by updating a shared digital terrain model, and central management tools allow you to monitor and report individual dozer/operator performance. Also, onboard proximity/hazard detection helps improve operator safety.

When it comes to improving dozer operator efficiency, saving survey costs, and ensuring safety, don’t move it twice.

Machine Guidance for Drills

The ProVision system for drills provides drill operators wth precise and continuous guidance, improving the productivity and accuracy of blast-hole drills. Onboard drill hole position navigation and depth dramatically improve blast-hole drill rig efficiency, utilization, and compliance with final blast design goals.

The optional Drill Hole Stratification module allows stratification of drill holes, i.e. rock recognition, enabling you to optimize blast-loading design. The module improves blasting performance and saves up to 15% of explosives. The module automatically delivers up-to-date blast designs through seamless integration with third-party mine planning systems.

The Angle Hole Drilling application provides a clearer picture of a hybrid drill pattern and drill hole azimuth, enabling the operator to easily navigate to inclined holes. This functionality enables operators to better identify and execute the drilling process within sub-centimetre accuracy of the planned location.

ProVision Guided Spotting System

Built on nearly 20 years of machine guidance success, the newly-released ProVision Guided Spotting system utilizes advanced guidance technology and high-precision GNSS positioning to provide centimeter-level accuracy for your truck and shovel operators.

Optimize your load cycle with precise guidance and intuitive visuals, helping your haul truck operators hit the spot the first time they reverse toward the shovel – without the need for a hanging bucket or flag.

The ProVision Gudied Spotting system has the potential to:

  • Contribute up to 2-8 additional loads per hour
  • Increase productivity by up to 13%
  • Reduce shovel hang time by up to 35%