WWL ALS’s Project Forwarding team specialises in turnkey and large-scale heavy lift projects across industries such as mining, energy, oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, engineering, paper, marine and offshore industries.

WWL ALS can handle any out-of-gauge or heavy-lift project cargo, and provides the following worldwide services:

  • Any size dry-cargo tonnage, multipurpose, reefer, ro-ro, heavy-lift tonnage
  • Full or part-load shipments
  • Voyage chartering, time-chartering, period charter, bareboat contracting
  • Freight covers, contracting, project-engineering
  • Sale and purchase of ships
  • Towage or FLO / FLO operations
  • Freight consultancy, market information

WWL ALS’ operations department provides clients with complete post-fixture follow-up and can handle the entire operation of vessels and/or voyages to include:

  • Preloading preparations
  • Cargo, customs and documentation
  • Stevedoring operations
  • Instructions to master and agents
  • On/off hire surveys
  • Liability insurance
  • Vessel performance control
  • Weather-routing
  • Disbursement accounts, hire calculations
  • Bunkering arrangements
  • All correspondence and liaison with owners / shippers

WWL ALS’ all-round service package enables clients to charter vessels in confidence with the assurance that the transport will be capably conducted independently by WWL ALS, offering:

  • Ship chartering full and part (deepsea, shortsea, liner, coaster, pontoon)
  • Barge chartering
  • Air freight
  • Intermodal transportation solutions, air, road, rail, sea freight, canal
  • Turnkey project management
  • Job site transportation
  • Planning, supervision and representation
  • Crane planning, hire and management
  • Contract services team for long-term or major movements
  • Major / special projects advice and management
  • Installation, erection and decommissioning
  • Permits
  • Insurance and customs services
  • Security and warehousing
  • Expediting