Application (for Android) that allows the monitoring and registration of all field operation by an engineer or operator.

This data can be accessed in real-time through O-Pitblast Analytics where it is possible to have the visualization of the planned data, the recording of all activities performed in the field, the occurrence of deviations from the planning and also generate reports of compliance.

Control your blast operation on your Android device with the latest blast design and optimization platform, O-Pitblast! Check, in real-time, your blast progress, control the actual charge per hole, hole’s length, stemming height and your blast’s main KPI. Now, efficiency is in your hands!

Key features include:

  • Online control of blast projects
  • Possibility of inviting engineers to participate in projects
  • Blast plan download via O-PitCloud
  • Introduction of hole’s actual data, such as: length, inclination, position, azimuth, diameter, stemming height and water presence
  • Blast hole deletion or addition of bulk explosives and cartridges’ Kgs
  • Upload of blast holes
  • Blast report generation

In blasting operations, field data collection and processing is an intensive and slow labor, hence requiring several hours of work and this affects mine productivity, making it a major problem that must be addressed.

O-Pitblast® App provides a solution to this problem by reducing at least all the time involved in compiling dirty and damaged mine paper information, now you can control your operations online and access your KPls remotely with only a click.

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