Why purchase a water spray system

Dust created by the movement or processing of materials in a facility can cause significant environmental issues for workers and surrounding communities.  Additionally, material lost to dust creation negatively impacts operational productivity and costs.

DSI’s NESCO Water Spray Systems enable you to meet OSHA and local DEP requirements and improve throughput, profitability, and employee safety for your operations. They are effectively utilized on many industry applications around the world such as mining, ports/terminals, and power generation facilities.

DSI’s objective is to help you keep or return the dust to the process saving material and eliminating waste and maintenance, and there is no large capital expenditure or ongoing expense of wasted material and disposal.


The DustProHP is a high pressure spray system that uses pressure in the range of 1,000-1,300 PSI (70-90 BAR) to atomize water droplets down to approximately 20-80um in size.  The DustProHD uses a seal-less pump configuration allowing the pump to run dry with minimal maintenance requirements in the field.  The unit is made of heavy duty construction for outdoor use and various configurations for different applications.  Cold weather packages are available to achieve temperatures near -30 Deg C.


DustPro spray systems are designed to knock down airborne dust at the source and add moisture that helps prevent dust generation at downstream applications.  The DustPro features a 200 PSI (15 Bar) pump module, remote electronic control, and heavy-duty construction.  The droplet sizes range from 50um to 200um in size.  This unit has full automatic operation and can be equipped with air and glycol purge systems for cold weather operation. For portable applications, the unit can be mounted in an insulated trailer with heater, vent, fluorescent lighting, and all the necessary utility and hose feedthroughs. The DustPro can be provided in a duplex configuration for operational and standby pump configuration.


The DustBoy is the most economical spray system.  It is designed for smaller plants handling less than 500 TPH or applications that do not need fully automatic operation.  The DustBoy uses the same quality components and heavy-duty construction as the DustPro systems, but is manually controlled.

DirtSquirt 72 and DirtSquirt 200

The DirtSquirt systems are effective, portable, automated wheel wash systems that are made for cleaning tires during operation at sites or before leaving a site.  The DirtSquirt72 uses spray bars and a simple control system to clean the tires of the trucks.  The DirtSquirt200 includes a pump, fully automated control system, and higher pressure operation for more effective cleaning.