Suspended monorail transport is among the most economical, safest and most widely used mode of transport in mines.

Thanks to its safety and reliability it is very efficient and continuous in the transport of people and different kinds of technological and operational material and excels particularly in transport at long mine roadways with a variable inclination of up to ±30° in tunnel or roadway profiles ≥ 8m². Other advantages include durability and installation method enabling system implementation without the requirement for making changes in the configuration of the existing transport infrastructure. Individual components of the system can, therefore, be reused, making it cheapest transport system with adaptable features.

Dead weight of measure unit of monorail track is halved compared with the unit of measure of a ground rail system, which brings savings even while moving its own components from liquidated workplaces to newly established ones. These benefits should be supplemented by the fact that the assembly, disassembly and maintenance of monorail track are the least demanding compared to other types of transport systems with minimal impacts of mining and geological influences to conditions of transport routes.

Monorail locomotives or manipulators driven by diesel, electric, or pneumatic motors are used on the monorail track as autonomous traction devices for manipulation and transport. Locomotives and manipulators are equipped with friction driving units. The number of driving units is individually proposed in order to match resultant traction force required by customers for transport in specific mining conditions.

Ferrit’s production program includes a complete equipment range designed for the monorail transport, starting with a track itself, monorail locomotives and manipulators, lifting and manipulating equipment, persons and injured persons transport cabins, material containers and last not least purposely designed equipment and small mechanization.

All Ferrit’s monorail products meet requirements for operation in mines classified as hazardous areas with mining gasses and coal dust explosion danger (flameproof mines) like coal mines. The exceptions are machines operated outside these areas (eg. ore mines, surface operations) which are classified as non-flameproof mines.