Extended-drain 15W-40 oil offers dependable, heavy-duty performance in diesel engines

Monolec Ultra® engine oil (8800) is an SAE 15W-40engine oil that provides exceptional extended-drain service for diesel engines in mobile equipment and stationary generators. With its superior formulation of select base oils, shear-stable viscosity improver and Monolec®, Lubrication Engineers’ exclusive wear-reducing additive, Monolec 8800 offers increased fuel efficiency, dependable all-weather performance and outstanding wear protection.

Extended-life oil provides smooth hydraulic power

A long-lasting, anti-foaming oil designed to protect the life of high-speed hydraulic pumps and motors, Monolec® hydraulic oil offers superior protection against water contamination, rust, corrosion and oxidation. Each single-grade formula is available in four different viscosities to outperform other commercial oils in thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic stability.