The HC silos are designed with a special compact system that allows installation on harbours’ docks or inside a building considering that the total height does not exceed 14m.

All parts are bolted, which makes transportation and erection easy and fast.


The flat storage terminal is a modular plant composed of one or more HC silos by 1,400m³ each, according to customer’s requirement. Each silo is equipped with a cement extraction system by tubular screw conveyors providing the feeding of a loading bellow suitable for discharging in all types of tank lorries. The quantity of cement which can be unloaded from each discharge point is about 140t/h. On customer’s request, the flat terminal HC can be equipped with a cell system for the weighing of the cement before unloading.

Possible uses

The most practical use of the flat terminal HC is the installation upon the harbour’s docks, where it can perform double actions:

  • Receiving bulk cement from vessels and distribute it by bulk carrier trucks
  • Receiving bulk cement from the bulk carrier trucks and loading it on vessels