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MINE-SAT Overview: VSAT and Broadband Services to Mining Companies in Africa and the Americas


Imagine the potential improvements in control, reporting and operational efficiency when the remotest mining operation is live and securely online with a central scientific, analytical and corporate network functions.

Secure, high bandwidth and real-time communications with the home office can help increase the efficiency of a mining operation and save millions.

The same VSAT system can also enable critical applications such as monitoring of mine site security, access control, CCTV surveillance, and asset tracking and management, all from thousands of miles away.

Using New Era’s satellite-based services and equipment, a company can bring cost-effective, secure, high bandwidth and real-time communications to help increase the production efficiency and control of a mining operation.

Enable critical applications such as technical data, monitoring of mine site security, access control, CCTV surveillance, and asset tracking and management.

Remotely monitor and control activities at multiple mine sites throughout the hemisphere via a single network centre.

New Era Systems helps meet the communications needs of mining company sites for:

  • Exploration; mobile and transportable communications for mine exploration teams
  • Remote site-to-head office communications (voice, data, web, video, GIS, mapping, engineering, ERP, etc.)
  • Site-wide wireless connectivity to the outside world
  • Security and monitoring; centralised remote data / CCTV monitoring
  • Employee welfare; non-local employee-to-home communications services (web, email, voice) can improve efficiency and reduce staff turnover
  • Social responsibility; communications services for local community educational, safety and engagement

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