Protect your machines and your personnel with the flexible, easy to install and at the same time very strong Minegrid geogrid with a tensile strength up to 1,000kN/m. The special HUESKER geogrid is able to absorb very irregular forces from large material and it stops goaf flushing into your working environment.

Minegrid is ISO 9001 certified and has already been applied in more than 1,200 mining projects worldwide. The System is proven for over 25 years globally. What makes up the system as a whole are customized Minegrid geogrids, special transport devices, fixing elements and our all-round services.

All-round services for maximum convenience and cost-saving recoveries

With our practical and proprietary installation accessories and holistic service from design to post-install audits, we help you to reduce time and save money to recover your shields and relocate longwalls best. By evaluations and analysis of underground geotechnical coal seam and mining conditions, we get a reliable overall picture of the conditions on-site to which we tailor everything. We also do an operational Audit. After the system install and longwall move, we do an audit to ensure that everything that was done during the move/install was done properly: photo evidence, LW face & installation positioning, design drawings audit, accessories compatibility to PRS and design product improvement. After the project, we do a review, feedback and improvement loop with you.

Save time, increase productivity and earnings  

Your economic benefits with Minegrid Longwall Recovery: faster support recovery times, process optimisation, more uptime on coal,  increased Revenues, higher shareholder value. As a sample calculation: If you take these parameters – 2000 tons per hour on average across the industry, coal price on average US$ 100.00 per ton, 8-hour shift, 24 hours per day – You can increases earnings thanks to every second you save by $ 3,333.00 per minute, $ 200,000.00 per hour and
$ 1,600,000.00 per shift.

Technical details

  • Material: PET, PVA
  • Tensile strength(s): Up to 1,000 kN/m standard
  • Coating(s): Flame-resistant, anti-static (FRAS)