Broadband services for your mining & energy exploration teams, no matter how remote the location.

The Exploration challenge: geological and engineering applications can generate huge data files that may need to be sent between remote mine sites and home offices for expert analysis before important drilling or other decisions can be taken. The ability to transmit big files and two- way video over VSAT can speed local operational decision-making – and shave days and weeks off of production time, thereby greatly increasing your output efficiency.


New Era Systems’ MINE-SAT Explorer satellite- based solution is designed to meet the needs of exploration teams operating in remote locations.

Key features and benefits

  • Satellite network services (Americas, Africa, Middle East) connect to your corporate WAN
  • Portable equipment with a quick and easy set up
  • Rugged, high performance 1.2m AVL antenna system
  • Easy transportation — packs in three "flyaway" transport cases
  • Easy set up by non technical employees
  • Quick take down and re-packing
  • Affordable

MINE-SAT Explorer advantages

  • Light — transportable by commercial airline, truck or van
  • Rapid assembly — less than 30 minutes
  • High bandwidth, e.g. up to 4Mbps two-way
  • Built-in UPS for safe generator power operation as a wireless system
  • VSATs can be easily moved/re-deployed to new exploration sites