Valor’s Extreme Duty TPMS solution is made up of a few key components, however the most fundamental is the extreme duty sensor. Valor’s extreme duty sensors have been designed with industrial, construction and mining industries in mind and are engineered to meet the demands of harsh environments.

Our sensors are installed internally inside your tires and are automatically set to monitor the tire pressure and tire temperature within your tire every four seconds. This data collected by your sensor is then wirelessly transferred to your transceiver and/or directly to your display every 30 seconds, giving you a consistent update on the condition of your tires at any given time. The sensors will then continuously monitor your tires 24/7, giving you long-term insights regarding your fleet’s performance.

Our extreme duty sensors have also been optimized for use in tires with tire liquids; meaning that you can still achieve accurate and precise tire monitoring with this liquid-friendly sensor, all while operating your vehicles as you see fit. Being that they are internally secured on the wheel rim, this also helps prevent any theft and damage caused by external sources.

Working together with your in-cab display and/or your telematics system, Valor’s Extreme Duty sensors help to ensure that you stay on top of your fleet and make smarter business decisions so that you can worry less about your tires, and focus more on your fleet’s overall performance.