Due to the regularity of occupational health screenings, certain workers may encounter incidental findings that necessitate ongoing monitoring. One such discovery includes incidental lung nodules, with approximately 10-30% of all chest CT scans revealing these nodules, prompting the need for proactive management to mitigate potential health risks.

Our Holistic Approach to Nodule Management

Lungscreen specializes in providing an integrated solution for people presenting with lung nodules. Our approach involves periodic low-dose CT scans administered by seasoned professionals and meticulously reviewed by experienced Radiologists augmented with artificial intelligence tools. We prioritize the measurement and comparison of previous images to monitor any changes in these nodules over time.

Preventing Progression to Lung Disease

Unmanaged lung nodules have the potential to progress into severe lung diseases if left unattended. Recognizing this critical point in time, Lungscreen offers a comprehensive patient management system—the first of its kind—dedicated to ensuring the well-being of individuals with lung nodules.

Your Health, Our Priority

Our patient-centric management system encompasses notifications for periodic monitoring and check-ups, ensuring continuous oversight of nodule development and patient health. We stand committed to safeguarding your respiratory health by implementing proactive measures that significantly reduce the risk of these nodules evolving into debilitating lung diseases.

Partner with Lungscreen for Proactive Nodule Management

Take proactive steps to safeguard your workers’ lung health with Lungscreen’s specialized Nodule Management Services. Our pioneering approach, coupled with comprehensive patient monitoring and timely interventions, offers peace of mind and ensures proactive care for individuals with lung nodules. Contact us today to benefit from our specialized expertise and uphold industry compliance standards.