KOOLKAP® Down-Under bags, as used in both open cut and underground blasting, are a self-inflating bag that, when activated and lowered down or placed up a blast hole, will seal off the blast hole, giving you an effective deck for loading explosives and/or stemming.

They save you time and money with a variety of uses:

  • Air decking for pre-splits, significantly reducing your powder factor
  • When loading de-watered blast holes, you can deck above the water and use less emulsion
  • Deck for stemming to prevent contamination of the explosives
  • Air decking for standing off the coal/ore bed to reduce shock damage
  • For multi decking in through seam blasting

 KOOLKAP® Down-Under bags have been recognised by the Aerosol Associations of Australia and New Zealand for their contribution to environmental sustainability in the aerosol industry. They were awarded the sought after ‘Award for Environmental Achievement and Sustainability’ by the Aerosol Industry, been recognised as the most reliable, flexible, robust and safe product available on the market

To ensure we comply with the latest Australian Standards for aerosols (ADG7) we test all formulations of our bags to make sure we adhere to the guidelines for either class 2.1 flammable or class 2.2 non-flammable. Third party testing and certification is provided by Falcon Engineering, a N.A.T.A world recognized accredited testing authority.

Together with environmental sustainability, we know that safety is the biggest priority on any mine. It’s something we take very seriously and we test our products to extreme lengths that far exceed what they should face in the field

PR Polymers operates under a ‘Quality Management System’, which complies with ISO 9001. The System requires employees to comply with all company procedures and related Quality Manual Forms (QMF) for maintained checks, sign off and quality control.

  1. All raw materials go through rigorous testing prior to being authorised for production.
  2. Batch numbers are recorded on file, supported by the appropriate QMF for every bag manufactured.
  3. Retention samples for each pallet are made and kept for a period of 12 months.
  4. Sacrificial quality samples are tested for inflation through the manufacture of each pallet.
  5. Routine integrity seal tests are done on the plastic from each sealing machine to make sure seals conform to each batch made daily.
  6. Final packaging, labelling and inspection is done by the supervisor and signed off as checked for every pallet dispatched.

KOOLKAP® Down-Under bags are manufactured in our Brisbane factory and custom made to meet each individual mine site’s requirements. They are available in the following styles:

  • KOOLKAP® Down-Under HD
  • KOOLKAP® Down-Under LQ
  • KOOLKAP® Down-Under DUO
  • KOOLKAP® Down-Under HOT HOLE

KOOLKAP® Down-Under bags are made to suit a range of blast hole diameters.  We can customise bags to suit combined hole dimensions in certain applications based on the next size up or down. Gas brews are formulated accordingly for such requirements.