PR Polymers manufactures a range of drilling consumables designed to make sure that this is the case.

PR Polymers Deflector Sheets are specifically designed to redirect the angle of upcoming cuttings and spread cuttings away from the collar of the hole while drilling. Producing a cleaner collar and reduce the amount of fall back and regrind.

This increases bit life, dependency on water and reduces the amount of dust created. Similar in purpose to the deflector cone, the deflector sheet is more effective during angled drilling than the cone.

Your priority is bailing cuttings out of the hole as efficiently as possible. Our experience ensures that this happens. Our deflector sheets have been engineered with high rebound qualities. This means cuttings are distributed away from the hole, leaving you with larger chips in your pile, not a mound of dust that keeps refilling your hole


The deflector sheets are manufactured from a cut and tear resistant polyurethane that is curved around the drill rod. The cuttings being bailed out of the hole hit the sheet and bounce off at an angle away from the hole.

The unique high rebound properties of polyurethane make it the perfect material for the job. Rather than absorb the velocity of the cuttings and have them drop straight back down choking the collar, they are deflected away.


Our Deflector Sheets create less regrinding producing larger particle size in the cutting pile. This means you can often use your cuttings to stem holes rather than importing stemming.

Another huge benefit is from an OH&S perspective. Larger particles size and less regrind will reduce respiratory/breathable dust, leaving a much clean and safer environment for your drillers and ground crew.


We produce a range of sheets in various sizes and configurations to suit most models of production drills. As a result , you don’t need to drill the same hole twice.

We will come out and measure your deck to determine the type of sheet you require, and design a custom sheet for you if it’s not a standard sheet.

Once the sheet has been manufactured, we will come out to site and supervise the installation and train your maintenance crew on how to install and manage the deflector.