What good is collecting data if you don’t use it? Part of the reason Valor’s Extreme-Duty TPMS solution is so successful is due to it’s ability to interpret the flow of data collected by the hardware and break it down into tangible, easy to understand information. How do we do this? By working with an integrated telematics system.

With an integrated telematics system, large chunks of big data are broken down into measurable information, which is then presented in the form of charts and graphs in order to give you simplified and easy to read visuals. This information can then be used to track certain trends that are occurring within your fleet, monitor the safety of your vehicles and their operators, as well as benchmark your progress and improvements. In turn, this helps you make proactive business decisions that are more effective and better informed.

Valor works with several different partners to bring different software solutions to your extreme-duty TPMS system. In partnering with other innovative teams, it allows us to offer the best options available so that you are always working with the newest and most current technology. This helps you stay ahead of trends and opens up the platform for better solutions.

Aside from monitoring your tires, integrated telematics systems also give you an opportunity to track other aspects of your fleet, such as the location of your vehicles, driver behavior, engine information, idling trends and more. All of this information is beneficial when it comes to ensuring your fleet is operating to it’s full potential.

To learn more about our partnerships and/or our integrated telematics systems, download our brochure below.