Valor offers several options for in-cab displays, all of which work in tandem with our sensors to provide vehicle operators direct access to their tire information at all times.

How does it work? Valor’s extreme duty sensors are installed directly into your vehicles tires and begin sending tire readouts immediately to your display. The display, which is generally installed in your vehicle’s cab, then interprets the data and gives you an accurate and consistent readout of the information. If your tire pressure is low, or your tire temperature is too high or too low, your display will warn you of the issue so you can take immediate action before any damage is done. It will also alert you to any potential leaks, loss of signal and/or loss of communication with your tires.

Valor’s displays also store all historic data that is transmitted from the sensors. If your vehicles are operating out of range, the data is then stored on the display until they return to your yard, where the information can be wirelessly downloaded through yard receivers. This information is then automatically integrated into any fleet management software you are utilizing and can be reviewed and applied in any major business decisions by management.

Overall, using a display in conjunction with your tire sensors helps give your drivers a proper visual of their tires at any given time. It allows them to make smarter decisions while they are on the job, which also helps to create a more proactive ecosystem in their work environment. Taking preventative measures is always more beneficial in the long run than waiting for unexpected issues to arise.

To learn more about our Extreme-Duty TPMS solution and all of its components, please download our brochure below.