The DXR 250 is a compact remote-controlled demolition robot with extendable dozer blades and 19kW power.

The arm delivers precise positioning of the tool and only requires minimal servicing. The machine comes standard with dozer blades for multipurpose use such as high digging performance and good stability for hammering.

The DXR 250 is a versatile demolition robot for the construction industry. Combine it with a variety of tools such as hammers or our compact and versatile crushers and steel shearer. For the toughest applications, we recommend our additional feature packages.

For DXR 250, we offer cylinder protection and enhanced cooling. This enables you to work with the machine in high ambient temperatures. The packages can be ordered as accessories or installed direct from factory.

  • Reach (up): 188.98in
  • Reach (forward): 177.17in