Emesent’s 360 Image Kit for Hovermap enhances the visual context of point cloud scans by adding 360 panoramic photography.

The 360-degree camera attaches directly to the Hovermap unit and is designed for operators to comfortably hold in one hand, enabling easy capture of panoramic images and 3D LiDAR data at the same time.

The telescoping camera mount elevates the 360 camera to minimize occlusions. Meanwhile, the operator is masked from the images to maintain privacy. Users can also use their own custom camera mounts to suit their applications.

The plug-and-play 360 degree camera accessory easily connects with Hovermap to deliver continuous handheld image capture and can also be custom mounted on other platforms. During processing in Emesent Aura, the 360 images are automatically registered and aligned to the point cloud, ready for export and visualization.

Integration with third party applications – such as Emesent partner Pointerra3D – allows the effortless display and sharing of visualizations via a simple streamlined workflow.

Key benefits

  • Accelerated workflow with streamlined registration and export of 360 photography that has been captured alongside Hovermap
  • Provide realistic context to your point clouds
  • Bring your point cloud to life and aid understanding for stakeholders who aren’t familiar with point clouds
  • Improve workflow efficiencies by facilitating a seamless handover between the surveyor capturing the data and draftsperson creating the models – without the queries

Use cases

  • Site documentation and progress tracking
  • Safety inspections to identify potential hazards and confirm compliance
  • Quality control inspect construction materials, structures, and installations to ensure quality and adherence to specifications. Identify defects or inconsistencies that might be missed with conventional photos or inspections
  • Design and planning immersive 360degree images and videos for architects, engineers, and clients to visualize the project and make design decisions
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Virtual tours and marketing
  • As-Built documentation
  • Training and education

What’s new and improved

  • Seamless integration – easily attaches to the Hovermap mount
  • Streamlined workflow – capture with Hovermap, process in Aura, export in a format compatible with Pointerra, Cintoo & Bentley for visualization and sharing
  • Automated registration – automated registration of 360 images with the point cloud ready for export. 360 images appear in the correct location on the point cloud ready for visualization
  • No calibration required – Aura automatically selects the correct orientation settings for use with the telescopic handle mount and applies the correct orientation
  • Image masking – optionally mask out the operator using a default mask or create your own custom mask
  • Supports custom hardware mounts – use the same 360 camera on your own custom mount on other platforms (e.g. vehicle or drone)
  • Orientation override – override the default orientation when the camera is custom-mounted to ensure images are correctly registered during processing
  • Configurable extract frequency – configure how frequently the image is extracted from the 360 video
  • One handed data capture – designed for operators to comfortably hold and operate the combined Hovermap and 360 camera unit with one hand
  • Unobstructed data capture – camera is mounted to the Hovermap unit in a way that minimizes image obstruction by people and equipment

System Requirements

Hardware requirements

Hovermap ST-X, ST or 10

Hovermap 360 image telescopic mount

GoPro MAX 360 Camera with storage


Fischer cable

Emesent Sentinel key with SLAM & COLORIZATION entitlements

Software Requirements

Windows 10 PC

Aura 1.4

Software to view the 360 images (e.g. Pointerra3D)

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