The Diemme® Filtration GHT filter press is a very versatile machine used in various applications. Its “heavy-duty” use, high cake volumes and filtration surfaces allow high production capacities to be achieved easily.

The filter plates are suspended from the overhead beam of the GHT-P filter press and move automatically. The movement is controlled by a rapid displacement device, through a carousel system that moves up to 30 plates per minute.

Four hydraulic cylinders, positioned at the corners of the plate pack, ensure – by means of “pull to close” closure – efficient operation and limited structural stress, even in the most adverse working conditions. The “cellular” structure in high-strength steel allows a perfect internal distribution of force, minimising stress in all working situations and allowing the machine to operate well below the yield limits of the materials used.

Key Points

  • Fully automatic machine
  • Reduced technical time
  • Suitable for filtration of corrosive and abrasive products
  • Frame never in direct contact with the product to be treated
  • Plate detachment system protected against corrosion and dust
  • Highly corrosion-resistant structure
  • Frame not subject to stress or deformation
  • Fast cloth replacement procedure
  • Easy maintenance of the plates.