With state-of-the-art targeting tools, we can minimise your risks, cut your costs and reduce your time frames. Our independent assessments and advice provide the basis for your decision making.

Our experts integrate complex data sets to generate and refine targets, define controls on mineralisation, and delineate prospective structures and sequences.

We effectively map open pit and underground mines to improve grade control, ore reserve modelling, mine plans and near mine drill targeting.

Our clients turn to us for review, audits and independent assessment of their projects.

We also offer practical courses and workshops for geologists in mineral exploration and mining. You select the modules most appropriate for your staff, your geological environment and your exploration objectives, with examples chosen for practical field study on your property.

3D Geological Modelling

SRK geologists combine their skills in structural and geological interpretation of ore deposits with the application of new and innovative modelling packages to construct dynamic 3D geological models. This approach creates a unique synergy between the interpretation of geological data and model construction.

Remote Sensing and Geophysics

At SRK, our interpretation of remote sensing and geophysical data is built on our core strengths. These include advanced structural geology skills ; the ability to connect minerals systems to their structural controls; and systematic ore body evaluation focused on indirect exploration targeting.

Resource Modelling and Estimation

Our geologists have extensive experience in exploration, database management, resource estimation, grade control and conditional simulation. We can take your project from grassroots exploration through the feasibility study stage and into production.

Mineral Exploration Project Management

Successful exploration relies on efficient project management based on effective application and interpretation of geology, geochemistry and geophysics to generate and test exploration targets. Our core exploration management services deliver on testing targets, from grassroots to resource definition drilling projects.

Mineral Exploration Project Initiation

Whether you are planning to explore a new area, or thinking about buying an existing exploration property, SRK’s exploration consultants can assist in the decision-making process. Using our extensive worldwide, multi-commodity expertise, we can generate regional geological syntheses and collate and review historic data.

Geological Mapping and Analysis of Drill Hole Data

Geological mapping is fundamental to any exploration project. Effective mineral exploration requires an in-depth understanding of the lithological and structural controls of mineralisation. These insights must be gained through geological mapping at the early stages of the exploration program.

Mineral Exploration Targeting

SRK’s specialised exploration services are built on our core strengths. These include advanced structural interpretation skills, the ability to connect mineralized systems to the structural setting, systematic orebody targeting and 3D modelling. We specialise in the development of process-driven, conceptual models to identify and improve the understanding of your mineral.

Basin Studies

The evolution of sedimentary basins is largely controlled by a response in the crust to tectonically driven forces. The way in which the crust responds to those forces is controlled by the strength, composition and fabric of the crust at the time of the tectonic event.

Exploration Sampling and Analysis

The collection of reliable samples from a mineral prospect or mine is an essential basis for the production of an accurate resource estimate. The strategy to be adopted must thus be carefully designed.

Mineral Exploration QA/QC

Appropriate Sampling and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures are essential in all aspects of the mineral deposit evaluation process to ensure the best possible confidence in resultant mineral resource and reserve estimates are achieved; the quality of an estimate is dependent on the quality of the data used.

Structural Geology

Many ore deposits are formed within tectonically active areas, such as ancient basins and orogenic belts. It is no wonder then that the vast majority of mineral deposits are affected or controlled, to a greater or lesser extent, by geological structures