Screens have been a part of modern gold processing plants since their inception. Derrick Corporation, a world leader in innovative screening machines and surface technology, historically provides process solutions to the processing plants of most major commodity suppliers.

Most recently, Derrick has successfully tested and placed in full operation its latest advancement, the G-Vault Interstage Screen in a geographically diverse set of gold mines. The G-Vault addresses the inherent challenges associated with the separation of carbon (or resin) from the pulp of a CIL/CIP (RIL/RIP) common to most processing plants. The G-Vault is a direct bolt-in replacement for traditional wedge-wire screens, and its non-blinding polyurethane surface is a contributing factor in achieving continuous run-times of 18 months. Additionally, by utilizing the features of higher open area and a non-blinding surface, the routine cleaning schedule and replacement programs of traditional screens is no longer required, giving way to vast operational savings.

As Gold Ore Processing is a continual hunt for increased production, G-Vault’s inherent ability to provide a screening surface that can (if required) provide an opportunity to accommodate a tonnage increase as well. In the case of a North American CIL, operating multiple wedge wire screens per tank – the G-Vault replacements were put in place of 67% of their wedge wire counterpart’s and attained the same amount of process tonnage. With a 100% changeout, the operation would have been able to increase tonnage another 33%, helping operators meet week and month-end goals.

The existing challenges in processing gold loaded carbon/resin in a gold mill are directly attributed to the screening media used in the slurry tanks. The culprit? A lathe-welded, wedge-wire screen with varying wire gages used to determine the separation is, in most cases, a rudimentary solution to a series of complex problems. The issues revolve around the comparatively low open area and the wearing properties of stainless-steel causing blinding, pegging, and increased maintenance. With a litany of problems stemming from an under-achieving design, Derrick Corporation worked closely with some of the world’s largest gold producing companies to develop the G-Vault.

First on the agenda was to utilize Derrick’s urethane screen panels, which offer a 30% increase in open area when compared to wedge wire. Accompanying this increase is the non-blinding surface, leaving operators with a truly worry-free installation that negates nearly all of the previously required maintenance. The highlight of the G-Vault is the wear-rate of the urethane surface. In some installations, reports have been received showing three times the life of wedge-wire screens!

With these benefits combined, a new age of interstage screening is available to the industry, and with G-Vaults installed a new standard of excellence has been achieved.

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