Service Overview

Firmatek has been trusted by the mining industry for 30 years to provide end to end solutions for inventory measurement and mine mapping. Over the years, we have continued to implement new technologies, from stationary lasers to mobile lidar to drones. We believe in using the right tool for the right job. We will work with you to determine what will work best on your site based on your needs and specifications.

You are busy. We get it. So let us provide you with the insights you need to make decisions. Our team of experienced field technicians and data processors will take care of everything from collecting the data to processing it and delivering you insights through our client portal. All you have to do is apply those insights to your business decisions.

Client Deliverables

  • Stockpile Measurement
  • Engineering Services
  • Aerial Images
  • LAS Point Clouds
  • Overburden Removal
  • As-Builts & Other CAD
  • Underground Scans

The Process

  1. Firmatek Collects Your Data: A Firmatek Geospatial Field Technician collects the data when scheduled
  2. Upload Your Data: Firmatek will upload the data to our portal
  3. Firmatek Data Processing: Firmatek’s team of data processors analyzes the data and creates your deliverables
  4. Receive Your Deliverables: You receive a notification that your deliverables, reports, and insights are available in Firmatek’s Client Portal for review and download
  5. Firmatek’s Support Team: Firmatek’s team is available to answer your questions and explain the data so that you can turn the insights into business intelligence

Case Study:

Problem: A Firmatek Client was measuring once or twice a year. They were writing off about $3 million in inventory across their area.

Solution: The client started doing quarterly measurements with Firmatek. More importantly, they started using the insights to increase their business intelligence and applying the information to improve their operation.

Results: The client wrote off less than $175,000, making the area profitable for the first time in over ten years.

Key Learnings: There’s a difference between measurement and management. Frequent measurements help improve your inventory management, but it is important to apply the insights and make changes to your operation in order to improve profitability. When you do that, you can see impressive improvements in operational efficiencies and profitability.