For the most demanding challenges and even for machines running in tough environments exposed to dirt, moisture and heavy loads, the latest SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing potentially double bearing life as well as reduce lubrication consumption and maintenance. It means your machinery run more reliably to secure production. The bearing performance enables cost saving maintenance reductions even in tough environments.

Benefits proven in the field

  • Extend bearing service life
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Prolong lubricant life
  • Improve safety

For superior endurance in challenging environments, the sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing is setting new standards of performance in conveying applications. In a field test for a mining company, it ran without pulley failures for 24 months. The sealed spherical roller bearing returned astonishing savings in conveyor system downtime.

The company’s usual open bearing recorded failure every nine months on average. The sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing recorded no failures at all. A performance equivalent to the taconite seal solution in the two-year trial. Expensive maintenance minimised, and costs crushed.

Cost for 88 bearing units over 24 months (22 conveyors with 4 bearings positions each):

  • Opening bearing: €46,112
  • SKF sealed spherical roller bearing: €22,880
  • Cost saving of SKF conveyor solution: €23,232