Service Overview

Whether you are looking to improve your inventory management, track your pit progression, or verify contractor work, Firmatek’s drone solutions make it easy for you to turn your site data into business intelligence. Our Drone Solutions includes a Drone Kit, on-boarding and training program, and client specific deliverables. You choose the type of deliverables you want when you upload the data to the portal. You are charged credits based on the type and number of deliverables you use. Only pay for what you use.

Drones make data much easier to collect. We work with you to turn that data into key operational insights. You can use those insights to build your level of business intelligence. This allows you to update your decision-making models and increase operational efficiencies.

Client Deliverables

  • Inventory Measurements
  • Ortho Imagery
  • LAS Point Cloud
  • Topographic CAD
  • Cut/Fill Volume Calculation
  • Other – We will work with you on your special projects

The Process

  1. Collect Your Data: Fly your drone when it is convenient for you
  2. Upload Your Data to Firmatek: You upload your data to Firmatek’s portal
  3. Firmatek Data Processing: Firmatek’s team of data processors analyzes the data and creates your deliverables
  4. Receive Your Deliverables: You receive a notification that your deliverables, reports, and insights are available in Firmatek’s Client Portal for review and download
  5. Firmatek’s Support Team: Firmatek’s team is available to answer your questions and explain the data so that you can turn the insights into business intelligence

Case Study: Turner Mining Group

As a contract miner, tracking the volumes of material moved is a key problem for Turner Mining Group. Historical methods, such as traditional surveying, were inaccurate, time consuming, and involved down time for the operation. So Turner Mining Group decided to use Firmatek’s Drone Solutions to ensure correct volumes are reported when it makes sense for them, such as at the beginning, middle, and end of a project. They fly the drone when they need it, and Firmatek processes the data for them. It is fast and easy to capture data on site, and they have the ability to ship the drone easily to sites around the country.

Using Firmatek’s Drone Solutions, Turner Mining Group has streamlined its billing process, increased efficiencies in reconciling truck loads and actual material moved, and improved operational efficiencies overall by improving their knowledge of their sites and making adjustments to their assumptions on a frequent basis. They have improved their decision-making processes by incorporating Firmatek’s Drone Solutions into their operations, and it has made them more efficient and profitable.