When miners need extra protection in dangerous areas, the Deep II® Grip Miners deliver extended back-of-hand protection and a resilient grip.

The Deep II Grip Miners are heavy-duty yet still flexible enough to bend with hand movement. The dorsal side of the glove has the Cestus exclusive one-piece thermoplastic rubber (TPR) shield for protection against impacts, abrasion and lacerations. The TPR shield offers continuous protection from fingertip to wrist and is segmented in strategic areas for flexibility. While the TPR shield is malleable enough that it does not restrict hand movement, it is also hardened enough to meet impact specifications.

The palm side of the Deep II Grip Miners comes with SkidX™ grip, which was developed by Cestus for heightened grip control on slick or dry surfaces. The rough finish of the SkidX grip allows for more friction between the palm of the glove and the surface it is coming into contact with. The SkidX material is very flexible and Kevlar® stitching on the palm matches the natural folds of the hand so movement isn’t restricted. The flexibility of SkidX maximises material-to-surface contact, which allows for stronger gripping power. Underneath the SkidX is Lastamid®, a Cestus-exclusive material that adds cut and flame resistance to the palm.

When conditions take a turn for the worse, miners can depend on the innovative protection and exceptional performance of the Deep II Grip Miners glove from Cestus.

The Deep II Grip Miners glove features:

  • One-piece, TPR shield: continuous impact protection from fingertip to wrist that flexes with hand movement
  • Skid-X™ grip: flexible grip that maximises material-to-surface contact for grip control
  • Kevlar® palm double stitching: stitching matches natural fold of hand for flexibility, while adding durability to high-wear areas of the palm
  • Lastamid® sub-palm: adds cut and flame resistance to palm for extra protection
  • High-visibility orange and reflective stripe: increased hand visibility for low-light or hazardous situations