Service Overview

Do you already have your own drone or laser scanner? That’s great! We can help you with the data processing and analysis. You can use your own equipment and upload the data to us for processing. You don’t have to deal with time consuming and complex software. Just tell us what insights you are looking for, and we will get you the information you need. We will use the data you collect with your own equipment to get you a deliverable that provides you with the insights you need to run your business.

Firmatek offers a variety of deliverable options. Our most popular services are inventory measurements and other volumetric calculations such as overburden removal volumes or reserve volumes. We can also provide pit progressions, ortho images, and clean point clouds.

Firmatek can also provide support for custom projects and work with your other consultants on special projects.

The Process

  1. Collect Your Data: Fly your drone or scan your site when it is convenient for you
  2. Upload Your Data to Firmatek: You upload your data to Firmatek’s portal
  3. Firmatek Data Processing: Firmatek’s team of data processors analyzes the data and creates your deliverables
  4. Receive Your Deliverables: You receive a notification that your deliverables, reports, and insights are available in Firmatek’s Client Portal for review and download
  5. Firmatek’s Support Team: Firmatek’s team is available to answer your questions and explain the data so that you can turn the insights into business intelligence