70% reduction in MTTR for conveyor pulley bearings

The mining industry is a tough environment to work in. Extreme temperatures, heavy loads, abrasive dust and dirt and the fact that some bearings can be difficult to get to when replacing, can all be a challenge to say the very least. Worker injuries and unplanned downtime are a constant risk – and can significantly affect your profitability.

To address these issues, SKF’s Cooper split spherical roller bearings (open or sealed) are designed to be easily replaced in situ and require no changes to the shaft alignment or driveline – reducing mean time to repair for conveyor pulley bearings by 70%.

However you look at it – time is money

It can take up to 24 hours to replace standard bearings compared to the eight hours it takes with SKF’s Cooper Split spherical roller bearing

A safer solution

 43% of injuries occur while a worker is performing maintenance on or checking a conveyor. With SKF’s Cooper Split spherical roller bearing, there is no need to dismount the drive coupling or the cantilevered drive and you can keep the gearbox where it is and avoid realignment.

Features and benefits

  • In situ replacement of standard and split bearings in the “trapped” bearing position
  • Longer service life (MTBF) thanks to the wire cut inner and outer ring manufacturing technique and sealed versions
  • Reduced grease consumption – reduced environmental impact
  • Compatible with SKF metric and inch split block housings
  • Reduced risk of shaft fretting and better axial clamping
  • Interchangeable with competitor split spherical roller bearings and split block housings