Coolon offers lighting solutions for use on heavy machinery and mining vehicles.

CP9 is a heavy-duty lamp that provides forward and rear illumination for large machinery. It is available as 48W and 60W powers, and in a variety of beam angles for versatility and optimal illumination. CP9 is ideal for bulldozers, excavators, trucks, drill rigs, and lighting towers.

The next step up is the CP24; a 75W compact LED that is powerful enough for adverse mine sites. The model is useful for situations where it is difficult or impossible to perform bulb maintenance. CP24 is suitable for broad area lighting, car parks, drag lines, stack / reclaimers, and processing plants.

For extremely demanding applications, the CP56 flood light has an even higher power range, with the same robust design and long service-life. The unit is available as 180W, 240W and 300W powers, for crushers, gantry cranes, large open spaces, ROM bins, and switching yards.