Emesent Commander redefines mission control for Hovermap, offering seamless integration of mapping, pilot assist, and autonomous mission planning and control. With its user-friendly interface, built-in fail-safes, and advanced features, Commander empowers you to navigate missions with unparalleled ease and confidence, ensuring optimal data capture in any environment.

Why Choose Commander?

Responsive, Intuitive Command: Experience mission planning and execution like never before with Commander’s sleek interface, providing effortless navigation and a streamlined user experience, enhancing operational efficiency.

Safer Flying: Built-in failsafes and advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities ensure mission integrity, with pre-mission checks and clear notifications guiding you through every step, minimizing risks and maximizing safety.

Effortless Mission Planning and Control: Customize display settings, set and edit waypoints with ease, and automate navigation source prioritization for optimal data capture, simplifying mission execution and enhancing productivity.

Optimized Performance: Designed to handle large volumes of point cloud data seamlessly, Commander minimizes rework and return trips by ensuring uninterrupted data capture during scanning, meeting the demands of today’s dynamic environments.

Operate With Confidence

Enhanced Point Cloud Visualization: Enjoy live visualization with improved quality, clarity, and depth perception, providing enhanced situational awareness and facilitating data analysis.

Environmental Handling Improvements: Hovermap’s autonomy detects and avoids hazardous environmental conditions, ensuring device safety and mission integrity in challenging environments.

Plane Clipping: Create detailed cross-sections of scans to highlight areas of interest and customize visualization, optimizing data analysis and interpretation.

Personalized Display Settings: Tailor your display preferences on the fly, with adjustable settings for brightness, field of view, overlays, and more, ensuring optimal viewing in any environment.

Next Generation Mission Planning and Control

Simplified User Interface: Enjoy an intuitive touch screen interface optimized for smooth mission handling, maximizing on-screen visibility while providing at-a-glance status indicators and active settings.

Streamlined Workflow: Seamlessly navigate guided workflows for mapping and autonomous missions, ensuring effortless control and execution.

Superior Obstacle Avoidance: Commander’s Shield function delivers advanced obstacle avoidance with increased precision, accuracy, and range, ensuring safer, more confident autonomous flying in challenging environments.

Clear Warnings and Notifications: Stay informed with pre-mission checks and pop-up notifications, guiding you through every step of the mission and ensuring mission success.


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